Gnuplot 5.2.7

Deprecated syntax

Gnuplot version 4 deprecated certain syntax used in earlier versions but provided a configuration option that allowed backward compatibility. Support for the old syntax has now been removed.

Deprecated in version 4 and removed in version 5:

set title "Old" 0,-1
set data linespoints
plot 1 2 4               # horizontal line at y=1

Current equivalent:

TITLE = "New"
set title TITLE offset char 0, char -1
set style data linespoints
plot 1 linetype 2 pointtype 4

Deprecated, present in version 5.0 if configured --enable-backwards-compatibility

if (defined(VARNAME)) ...
set style increment user
plot 'file' thru f(x)
call 'script' 1.23 ABC 
   (in script:  print $0, "$1", "number of args = $#")

Current equivalent:

if (exists("VARNAME")) ...
set linetype
plot 'file' using 1:(f(column(2)))
call 'script' 1.23 "ABC"
   (in script:  print ARG1, ARG2, "number of args = ", ARGC