Gnuplot 5.2.7


The boxxyerror plot style is only relevant to 2D data plotting. It is similar to the xyerrorbars style except that it draws rectangular areas rather than crosses. It uses either 4 or 6 basic columns of input data. Additional input columns may be used to provide information such as variable line or fill color (see rgbcolor variable).

4 columns:  x  y  xdelta  ydelta
6 columns:  x  y  xlow  xhigh  ylow  yhigh

The box width and height are determined from the x and y errors in the same way as they are for the xyerrorbars style---either from xlow to xhigh and from ylow to yhigh, or from x-xdelta to x+xdelta and from y-ydelta to y+ydelta, depending on how many data columns are provided.

The 6 column form of the command provides a convenient way to plot rectangles with arbitrary x and y bounds.

An additional (5th or 7th) input column may be used to provide variable (per-datapoint) color information (see linecolor and rgbcolor variable).

The interior of the boxes is drawn according to the current fillstyle. See set style fill and boxes for details. Alternatively a new fillstyle may be specified in the plot command.